Joan Mackerras Reflections

Joan Mackerras Reflects

Joan Hall, née Mackerras, sister of Charles recorded these reflections:

Léon Goossens, The Mikado and small children and listening to music


How Charles came to learn the oboe



Charles’ School Career
Harmony Lessons
Charles overtook his teacher
Ignatz Friedman
Well Done Charles


Charles accompanies a young violinist


Richard Merriweather and the G&S Horn Part

The idea for Pineapple Poll ballet.


Early Career

Charles played for and conducted the 2GB commercial radio station orchestra
Wartime Bolero transcription from recording
Employed Joan to create score barlines


Mother and the Psychologist


Recorded in 2016 and presented here to remember Sir Charles’ life ten years after he died.

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Charles with Joan in Wien, 1987.

Joan Mackerras (Hall) with Charles Mackerras in 2007.

Photo courtesy of (c) Bartholomew Hall

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