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Very grateful thanks and appreciation go to:

Jon Tolansky for his excellent documentary and also for making available many valuable resources and interviews.

Steve Robinson (Executive Producer) for creating the documentary project for broadcast on 98.7 WFMT.

Joan Hall, sister of Sir Charles Mackerras for a considerable quantity of resources, photos and further interviews.

Daughter Catherine Mackerras and family, who have collaborated and helped considerably with ideas, photos and links.  Her new site is Charlesmackerras.com.

Sebastian Hall for his excellent work with the Sir Charles Mackerras Facebook page and twitter @MackerrasFamily.

Drostan Hall, Music Director of Camerata Chicago for his Beethoven recordings.

The Buonarcorsi Foundation who have financed the documentary and made it possible. Buonacorsi.org funds projects in the arts and sciences which are designed to improve the human condition. Jon Tolansky’s documentary about Sir Charles does that beautifully.

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